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EFL-A Nice Way to Start Year-End Festivities at Elagoon

The year-end celebrations for Christmas and New Year’s Day are just round the corner, and that sets the festivities a great start at Elagoon Business Solutions. Apart from maintaining a high satisfaction level for the clients from all over the world, the company also cares for the work-life balance among the members of the staff.

With a promise to provide a great ending of the year 2015, the year-end festivities got off to a flying start last Sunday i.e. on December 20, 2015 when the Elagoon Football League (EFL) was organized at the Ladies’ Park in Park Circus in Kolkata. A week-long preparation was carried on with great enthusiasm where participation of every member of the staff was worth noticing.

The Teams:

team1 team2 team3 team4

All the staff members, a mix of all processes and departments were divided into four teams, namely Elagoon Titans, Elagoon Spartans, Elagoon Panthers, and Elagoon Warriors. The teams were balanced in every manner, and that enhanced the curiosity of everyone as to which team would win the first edition of EFL. The captains of these four teams were Amanur Biswas (Elagoon Panthers), Aminur Rahman (Elagoon Warriors), Md Gulam (Elagoon Spartans) and Shadman Ali (Elagoon Titans).

The Schedule:

The day began with the highest amount of enthusiasm as the members of the started reaching the venue at the scheduled time. The atmosphere was electrifying as the local spectators also started flocking around the ground. As per the finalized schedule, Elagoon Panthers were supposed to meet Elagoon Spartans in the first encounter whereas Elagoon Warriors were to take on Elagoon Titans in the second one. Each match was of 40 minutes, divided into two halves of 20 minutes each.

The Encounters:

The first match started at about 12:50pm. The enthusiasm reached its climax when the Elagoon Panthers attacked the defense of its opponent. With the spearhead attack of Amanur & Devesh, the team attacked the other, and finally it was declared victorious by 3-0. The second match began at 2:00 pm that proved to a one-sided match only due to outstanding performances by the forward line of Elagoon Warriors. The team was led by the expert skills of Aminur and Deepjyoti, who came out victorious by 6-2. The results of these two matches found Elagoon Panthers and Elagoon Warriors in the Finals of the First edition of EFL.

The Luncheon:

It was not just a day of EPL, it was actually a day out with the whole team of Elagoon. The main motto was to promote friendship and familiarity among the members of various teams. The Luncheon brought the moment when all the staff members got a chance to mingle with others. The servings included Kebabs, Pulao, Mutton Chap, and green salad. The preparation was nice, and everyone enjoyed the lunch with enhanced enjoyment of meeting the whole team at Elagoon.

The Finals:

This is what everyone was waiting about-The Finals of the EPL. The match started at 4:00pm with Elagoon Warriors facing Elagoon Panthers. champIt was a great match that witnessed the best skills of all the players of both the teams. With Amanur and Aminur spearheading the attacks of their respective teams, the match reflected unexpected skill, sportsmanship, and thrill as well as suspense. Finally, Elagoon Warriors won the match and successfully registered their win by 3-2. The enthralling moments in the match were enjoyed by one and all who were present at the ground at that point of time.

The Presence:

The entire Elagoon staff was present at the venue. Be it the upper management team, the mid level management, support staff, just about everyone associated with the company were part of the event and freshly surprising was the presence of their family members too, wives, kids, kins, friends and so on….

The Musical Chair-Event Exclusively for the Girls@Elagoon:

musical-chairMidst a large number of presence, the number of girl-employees of Elagoon was worth noticing. They also got their event in the form of Musical Chair in which participation of all the girls was made mandatory. The amusement got its climax when the event got underway. Finally, Ngonlem L. Konyak was declared victorious with Tania Chandra and Sushmita Banik securing the Second and Third Positions respectively.




The Felicitations:

Obviously the most glorious moments of the day! Midst great cheers and enthusiasm, the trophies for the Winners and Runners were distributed by the MD. The spirit among the players and non-players was worth watching indeed. Players of both the teams that played in the final received medals as souvenirs.

The Fireworks:

A sparkling day at the Ladies’ Park could not have a better finish than this! The firework illuminated the entire Park. With a promise to hold the second edition of EPL next year, the day ended in a memorable way.

Special Thanks:

We all would especially like to thank Tousif M Alam and his family for taking up the initiative to plan and arrange the tournament starting from the venue to the food and ending it with the Fireworks display. In addition, a big thank you to the Management team for gifting such a wonderful togetherness day to its employees.